Coffee Grinder GD3079

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A grinder that was designed in an elegance style with the body made from casted steel outside and imported one inside, which provides a concrete structure. GD3079 has fast grinding speed but still gives out fine, smooth powder and easy to adjust the fineness. Beans drawer cap was designed to avoid beans falling out in progressing. With total weight 6kg, GD3079 is absolutely firm and comfortable to manipulate. In spite of the classic and vintage look, this machine is very practical in use which is literally in contrast to the luxurious appearance made of casted iron. Grinding drawer is quite big and closely operated. GD3079 can be used as a decorate highlight at restaurant, bars... or even at owner's living room, no matter where it's placed, GD3079 can easily show off its owner's class. This is a great machine for coffee connoisseur.

Color: Black
Model: Classic hand blender
Size: 235 x 195 x 300 mm
Net Weight: 6000gr
Volume: 20g
Type: Plated sheet steel, wood, cast iron
use: Adjust the fineness

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Review: rating Coffee Grinder GD3079