$287.5 Review rate: rating BALANCE SYPHON COFFEE No.1


This is a wonderful machine. Not only does it make superbly brewed coffee it is also a journey into science and a visual spectacle. The design of this coffee maker dates back to the 1830’s. The machine works using gravity and vacuum principles: first you place ground coffee in the heavy glass brew chamber. Next you fill the boiler chamber with hot water and place it on the apparatus. A tube connects the two chambers. When full of water the boiler sits low on the swing frame and holds the lid open on the alcohol wick burner. When the water boils it is forced into the brewing chamber- at this point the boiler raises and the lid of the burner closes extinguishing the flame. A vacuum is created in the boiler and the brewed coffee from the brewing chamber is now miraculously drawn back into the boiler from where it can be served from the little tap… The tube that connects the chamber has a very fine washable mesh filter that never needs replacing. The entire process is quite a visual spectacle and the coffee can easily be prepared at the table. This machine is a modern reproduction of a 19th century design from Europe. It is very well made: the metalwork and glass chamber are top quality. The machine comes beautifully and securely gift

Color: Council color
Model: Yama Vacuum Brewer - Syphone Yama TCA-2D
Size: 190*290*410mm
Net Weight: 3500gr
Volume: 400ml
Type: hightemperature resistant glass 
Country Orgin: Taiwan

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I had no idea how to
Reviewer: Stormy
I had no idea how to approach this ber-oefnow I'm locked and loaded.
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