Hario Vacuum Brewer - Syphone Hario TCA-2

$77.5 Review rate: rating Hario Vacuum Brewer - Syphone Hario TCA-2


The syphon brewer (aka Vacuum Pot, Vac-Pot, Vac Pot, Coffee Siphon...) is an excellent process for making brewed coffee. These brewers utilize a steep-and-release process that starts first with a full immersion of grounds during the brew-water, then finishes by pulling the finished coffee through a filter in the draw-down phase. Syphon Brewers yield a very clear cup that helps the more subtle notes shine through, which often lost or muted in other brew methods.

Color: black
Model: Yama Vacuum Brewer - Syphone Yama TCA-2D
Size: 16(w) x 9.5(d) x 32(h) cm
Net Weight: 2000gr
Volume: 300ml
Type: high heat-resistant glass, high-grade wood, inox
Country Orgin: Japan

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Review: rating Hario Vacuum Brewer - Syphone Hario TCA-2