Coffee Grinder GD2639

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Casted steel body, especially concrete with 2-wheel handle design presented under a classic and luxurious style. Inside the machine is imported, high-quality steel which provides high speed in grinding and even powder fineness, also coffee beans are prevented from falling out during progress with well design cap. Total net weight is 6.3 kg makes GD2639 firm and easy to manipulate. Downward of this machine is made of polished and elaborate sculptured wood with powder drawer. The upward is luxurious adorned steel. Large grinding part with the addition of firmly rolling-wheel, make GD2639's grinding progress done quickly. Can also be used as a decoration figure that shows off its owner's class wherever it's placed: restaurant, bar, living room…

Color: brown 
Model: Classic hand blender
Size: 300 x 300 x  215 mm
Net Weight: 6000gr
Volume: 20g
Type: iron, wood
use: Adjust the fineness

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Review: rating Coffee Grinder GD2639