Heritage Coffee Kraft bag Powder 125g

$19.25 Review rate: rating Heritage Coffee Kraft bag Powder 125g



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Heritage coffee is selected from the seeds of the finest coffee bean in Vietnam and grown in the highlands method Natural Shadows, called Organic coffee. A great combination between Organic coffee with the reputation Weasel Legend coffee, we have created type of special coffee which nowhere have it. Along with the traditional method of ancient roasting, just keep the rustic taste of organic coffee, still have taste deep gentle and rich charming of Weasel Legend coffee. Heritages coffee was masterpiece of HuongMaicafe.

Unit: Bag
Packing: 40bags/Carton
Net Weight: 125g
Exp. Date: 1 year
Country Orgin: Viet Nam
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Review: rating Heritage Coffee Kraft bag Powder 125g