Jasmine Tea Aluminum Bag-250g

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Jasmine tea gourmet products, whiledrink gently flavored in deep-lying, delicate butattachment, just as there are flavors of natural vegetation, as the freshly tea bud just picked, as bringing heaven and earth gathered together in tea. Tea has many beneficial effects for health such as reduce anxiety, Prevent Aging, Preventing cold and allergies, prevent cancer, reduce diseases caused by food poisoning, such as cholera, inflammation ulcers ..., reduce cholesterol, support weight loss, improved mental health. Product was pakaged in Vacuum steel bag.

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Review: rating Jasmine Tea Aluminum Bag-250g

Hi,The Jasmine Tea K
Reviewer: Lujada
Hi,The Jasmine Tea Kit Kat was actually quite nice! The jmisane flavour is very light and it's more of a scent that you smell when eating the Kit Kat, rather than taste. The taste is still very much chocolate, unlike the green tea Kit Kat which has a much stronger tea flavour. I think I've tried the cookie one before, but it wasn't very memorable.
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